Autoshrink and log file growing in SQL 2005


I just deleted 3 unneeded indexes from a very large table (30GB.)  The operation appeared to take effect immediately.  I am now noticing that the log file backups which are taken every 15 minutes are about 800MB each (they're normally about 2mb each.)

Is this normal?  Is this being caused by autoshrink running silently in the background?  I Google but couldn't find a way of determining if autoshrink was in the middle of an operation.  

I'm hoping it stops before it fills my backup drive completely!
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First, turn auto-shrink off immediately.  You're hosing yourself by having it on.

Yes, removing indexes is going to cause log records.  

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You could also truncate the log files (but need to follow by full backup)
dump tran <DBNAME> with no_log
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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