Disable Security Center on Windows 7 PC when connected to domain

Windows 7 Ultimate PC has Security Center turned on by a GPO on our SBS2003 server. We suspect that Security Center is interfering with access to several web based services as issues only occur when connected to the LAN

The W7 user cannot turn off Security Center when connected to the PDC as it is controlled by a GPO.

We are not competent in administering GPO's. We need help to disable the setting that is turning Security Center on for this PC when connected to the LAN.
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Encrypted1024Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the Link from Microsoft on how to disable:
I  don't think the Action Centre does much in the way of prevention though. It may be a component like Firewall or UAC.
If you are having issues with Web Apps it is more likely you need to add the site to "Trusted Sites" or enable compatibility mode in IE8.

LeadMasterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment - it is Security Center that seems to be causing the problem - not Action Center.
Nope, not in W7. No such thing as Security Center. They changed the name to Action Center.
LeadMasterAuthor Commented:
Thank You
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