Filemaker Server Advanced 11 odbc driver & .asp problem with sql query - not showing results

Hi All,
I updated a server to FMSA11 today from FMSA10 and my website (ASP) queries (SQL queries via ODBC) no longer work. I have upgraded to the latest version of ODBC drivers from the FMSA11 install files and the ODBC connection tests are successful. Also, I found a post somewhere on the web that mentioned that the connection string format has changed, so I modified the connection string and I can see that my queries now connect and perform the queries (I have tested the INSERT and SELECT queries) - HOWEVER when running a SELECT query the results do not seem to write to the page.  It worked correctly as shown below for years before upgrading to FMSA11 - but now no longer works. Any ideas?

Here's what my query looks like:
set oConn = server.createobject ("ADODB.Connection")
oConn.Open Application("strConnect")
	strSQL = "SELECT box1_color, box2_color, box1_text, box2_text, box3_color, box3_text, box3_bgcolor, box3_fontcolor, box3_showhide FROM Graphix WHERE recid = 1"
	Set rsInfo = oConn.execute(strSQL) 
	If NOT rsInfo.EOF Then 
			box1_color = rsInfo("box1_color")
			box2_color = rsInfo("box2_color")
			box1_text = rsInfo("box1_text")
			box2_text = rsInfo("box2_text")
			box3_showhide = rsInfo("box3_showhide")
			box3_color = rsInfo("box3_color")
			box3_text = rsInfo("box3_text")
			box3_bgcolor = rsInfo("box3_bgcolor")
			box3_fontcolor = rsInfo("box3_fontcolor")
	End If

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BearRiverConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
In case anyone else comes up with this issue, I here is the answer:

"This problem appears to be related to previous issue when using FileMaker Pro 11 as a data source with Microsoft Word, where number and date fields are imported but not text fields.  The workaround is to specify the FileMaker validation option for maximum number of characters before you merge data.


FileMaker, Inc."

So what you need to do for any text fields you are querying via .asp with ODBC is to set the field definition to validate for a max number of characters. I just gave it a test and it worked great.
BearRiverAuthor Commented:
Update: I ran some more tests and found that the results are writing number and date fields to the results, it's just the text field values that are not getting written
BearRiverAuthor Commented:
Any ideas why just the text field values would not be written to the screen?
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