How can I route mail in Site B through the Exchange server in Site A


We have 2 exchange 2007 servers.  The first is the primary located in Site A.  The second is located in Site B across a MPLS VPN circuit.

I want the mail from the server in Site B to be routed through the server in Site A rather than going directly out of the gateway in Site A.  The reason is so that our automated signature program in Site A can add the signature to mail going out of its gateway.

How can I route this mail?  Is this a smart host configuration?

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Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Yes you would have to use the Exchange Server in SITE-A as a SMART HOST in Exchange Server of Site-B.

From Site B :
If you can browse the Exchange Server in Site-A via the Local IP / Local Computer name, then you can add that exchange in the smart host of site-B.

Do both of these Exchange Servers reside in one Active Directory Forest and Domain ?

If Not : then :-

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If I understood correctly both exchange servers are in the same organization ?

if so then it is not a smart host configuration, you just need to define a send connector and specify the HUB server of site A as only "source server"
Syed Mutahir AliTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Hi Akhater,

I am just trying to understand this :-) No Offence - I am here to learn.

Would it be not the smart host settings, if both exchange are in same Active directory and Exchange Organization ?

New Send Connector
1 - Name : Intrasite
2 - Type : Internal
3- Address Space : Type=SMTP, Address (IP of the site-a exch box) cost=1
4 - Network Settings : Route mail through the following hosts : Smart host "dns name of the exchange box at site-a"
5 - smart host authentication : Exchange Server AUthentication

Associate this connector with the following hub transport servers
6 - Source Server : Name:ServerSite-A, Site:Default-First-Site-Name. Role:Mailbox,HT,CA

If, when creating a new send connector, I dont specify any address space or network settings (route mail through the following smart host) it won't allow me to go further, so I think (I am just thinking) that it will be a smart host connector pointing to the Exchange in Site-A.

Please correct me if I am wrong

Kind Regards

You could do it as a send connector you are right, however if you only have one send connector in your organization with one HUB as source server all other server will send to this HUB server before sending to the internet.

I am sorry if I make it sound as if what you said is wrong
caw01Author Commented:
Configured a second send connector for Site B to use a Site A as a smarthost and removed Site B from the Internet Send Connector and all is good!

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