dell latitude d800

I want to buy a used laptop. I need to find out if the bios can not be change because the password for the adminstrator is been set. Is there a problem? how?  or there is no big deal. Please advice
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akahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's a big deal.  If you can't access the BIOS, you will, in the future, have difficulty setting the machine to boot from CD, potentially, and to make other important changes.  The seller should be able to remove the password.  If they cannot, it is also likely that the laptop was stolen at some point.
What model laptop is it?
unsenseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A: ask the person your buying the laptop from for the bios password
B: check the model of the laptop and see if you can find the proper tools to flash the bios.

A password on the bios honestly shouldnt be a big issue unless the previous owner did something wrong in it, you shouldnt need to change it.
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alexanderthegreat2012Author Commented:
so unless the seller has the administrator password it will be a good idea to buy this used computer.  Thanks.
Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Agreed. It is a big deal as it is difficult to remove the BIOS password.

Besides, I think that it is against the EE membership rules to discuss on how to crack BIOS password.
Jackie ManCommented:
If the seller has proof of ownership but has forgotten the BIOS password, he or she can contact Dell to remove the BIOS password at a nominal fee. For details, please see the link below.

But, as a buyer, you might have difficulties to obtain proof of ownership as an item sold on eBay might be a stolen one. If it is a stolen one, you will not obtain the title of ownership.

For more info:

Tushar Kaskhedikar
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