Entrance sources shows no data

I'm new to analytics, so I may be overlooking something obvious...

A typical path for a user on my site is: referrer > page a > page b > registration page. There can be any combination of pages between referrer and registration. I want to know what the referrer was that sent a user to my site when that visit ends in a view of the registration page. I am attempting to discover this information by using Content >  Top Content and selecting my registration page. This brings me to the Content Detail page. From the Analyse drop down, I select Entrance Sources. Unfortunately this results in "This page was viewed 0 times via 0 sources" and "There is no data for this view.". I know for certain that people have accessed my registration page as I have had people registering with my site and visitor metrics are shown elsewhere in Analytics.

So, is my understanding of the Entrance Sources feature incorrect? Or is there some problem with my setup?
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Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
You may find setting up Goals will help.

Create a goal that relates to your registration page.

Then you can track entrance pages and other stats based on the goals they achieve
fractorAuthor Commented:
I've had a look but I can't see how to use goals for this purpose. I have set up a funnel that tracks the path through my registration process, however I can't see how to get the referring source information. I have also set up a single URL goal, but I can't see how to get the referring source information for this either.

Surely Google Analytics should be able to provide referring source information for aribtrary pages without setting up goals? I would have thought that this is what the Top Content > Entrance Sources report is for, but am I right in thinking that this only shows referring sources for landing pages (i.e. where the page of interest is the one accessed directly from the referring source)?
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
I just followed the same route you used to get data, with a clients website and I am seeing referring domains, from the entrance source option.

Maybe its an Analytics issue?

Does your registration page show hits in general?

On a related note. I have a thankyou page, that analytics will not register hits for. It uses the same template as all my other pages! Still investigating.
fractorAuthor Commented:
The entrance sources report does show some data, but not for my registration page. My registration page does show page views though, so the analytics code is working.

It could be that entrance sources only show information for landing pages, i.e. the first page accessed when coming from an external source. This would make sense for my registration page as it is not really accessible externally and might explain why you don't see entrance source data for your thankyou page.

If this is true then perhaps using goals is the closest I'll get to what I want. I suppose I could set up a two-step funnel consisting of the landing page (with a tagged url if neccessary to identify the campaign) and the goal page.
fractorAuthor Commented:
Okay, I've worked out how to do what I want. The approach is to view the number of visits originating from a particular source that include a view of my registration page. This can be done using Advanced Segments and creating a Customised Segment, specifying Source as the dimension. Works a treat.

Thanks for your involvement Tiggerito.

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