MS PowerPoint 2003 Slow Response During Slide Transitions

I have an issue when running MS Power Point 2003 presentations on the hard drive of a laptop using cached local profiles while not connected on the network. Some slides which have pictures and others that don’t take some time to transition to the next slide (10 seconds). However while logged on as local administrator this problem does not happen.

I have referenced several URL's with no success.

Most suggestions are things to do with changing settings within PowerPoint. I have tried this Power Point presentation on another laptop different brand with the same result. But if the laptop is connected on the network the problem disappears. The pictures within the presentation I cannot see any hyperlinks; I have deleted them out and re-add as jpeg's. I have disabled the anti-virus.

I think Power Point is trying to connect out to the network.

Please note the build is XP. I am not allowed to create a user local profile on the laptop as it’s against the policy of where I work.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
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jalamdarConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have done some further troubleshooting and have run a program called File Monitor to see what PowerPoint is doing. On the slides that lock up it appears its trying to open a path from the clients My Documents/Desktop redirect on the network. Which is why the slide takes ages to transition.

Possibly the design of this powerpoint presentation could have objects referencing stuff over the network however I cannot find any hyperlinks within the document.

I might make a mini presentation with pics locally and see how that goes.
This is usually a 2007 fix, but it sometimes works for 2003 also. Make sure  you have a printer driver installed locally to the machine and set as the default printer driver. I'd use the one mentioned here:

Also try turning down hardware acceleration.
jalamdarAuthor Commented:
Ok I installed the printer driver HP one and also turned off video accleration with no success. The laptop is running servic pack 3 for XP and service pack 3 for Office. Any other ideas?
jalamdarAuthor Commented:
I stopped looking into this further as it was not a big problem for the client.
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