Change modified date in Alfresco

I have a problem in my Alfresco.
I've uploaded some files to Alfresco via CIFS and Web Client also.

I don't know, is it a default or not about modified date in Alfresco.
So all files that uploaded to Alfresco have modified date when they(files) uploaded to Alfresco.
I have some files:

Files                                          Modified date
Market_April.doc                       01/27/2010
Project_Issue.txt                        06/23/2009

But after I upload to Alfresco (ex: I upload on 03/29/2010)
Market_April.doc                       03/29/2010
Project_Issue.txt                        03/29/2010

So I want to change modified date in Alfresco as a real modified date (not when I upload the data)

Help me please!!!
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Duncan RoeConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
When you say you uploaded the files, how did you do it? The cp command has options to preserve the modified time. Or you can use back-to-back tar. "man cp" gives you the cp option
softblessAuthor Commented:
I've said, I upload via CIFS [explorer like samba] and Web Client [website] also.
I didn't use command to upload files.

Can you help me please?
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