Help, there're commas and slashes in my DN!

Hi, I can authenticate my users against the active directory (AD) using Java. All is fine if the user's distinguishedName has no commas and slashes:

cn: Melvin H. Merana
distinguishedName: CN=Melvin H. Merana,OU=ESA OU,OU=Information Technology OU,OU=Smart Users OU,DC=smart,DC=LOCAL

But if the user has commas and slashes, for example,

cn: Floren V. Tamargo, IT/2209
distinguishedName: CN=Floren V. Tamargo\, IT/2209,OU=Information Technology OU,OU=Smart Users OU,DC=smart,DC=LOCAL

I get the following error:

javax.naming.NamingException: [LDAP: error code 1 - 000020D6: SvcErr: DSID-031006CC, problem 5012 (DIR_ERROR), data 0 ]; remaining name 'CN=Floren V. Tamargo\, IT/2209,OU=Information Technology OU,OU=Smart Users OU,DC=smart,DC=LOCAL'

Below is part of my code. The line that is giving the error is "ctx.getAttributes(logonUser.getDistinguishedname());".

May I know how to modify my code to handle names with commas and slashes? Thanks.
public User isAuthenticated(String userId, String password) throws CommunicationException {
	User logonUser = null;
	try {
		logonUser = getUserAdObject(userId);
		if (logonUser != null) {
		security_principal = "smart\\" + userId;
		security_credential = password;
		return logonUser;
	} catch (Exception e) {
		logonUser = null;
	return logonUser;

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This applies to VBScript but I think would apply to you too.

According to the post you need to escape the "/" as well appearing in your name. try this and see it works.
CN=Floren V. Tamargo\, IT\/2209,OU=Information Technology OU,OU=Smart Users OU,DC=smart,DC=LOCAL


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You would need to escape the , correctly as it has special meaning to AD. Check out the link below on how to do it
killdurstAuthor Commented:
Hi guys, I've tried to escape the comma and slash characters but it didn't help. I think there's no solution to this so I've decided to implement a workaround. Which is to use the user's username and password to to to open the AD connection itself, i.e. creating the initialLdapContext itself. If it's able to be created, it means the username and password is correct. If it doesn't, it means the username and password is wrong.

To anyone else reading this, I'm giving these guys the points because of the time they spent participating in the question.
killdurstAuthor Commented:
Have decided to use a workaround instead.
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