IBM ThinkCentre A50 won't boot.

Hello everyone.

We've recently had a couple of IBM ThinkCentre A50s coming in all having similar problems.
When pressing the power button both the power lamp and the HDD lamp light up and the fan starts running on full speed (noisy) without getting a signal on the monitor.
I've tried leaving the PCs on for as much as 10 minutes to see if they will boot, but they're basically stuck in the same state as described above.
Has anyone heard of anything similar or have any thoughts on what the problem might be?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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its probably VGA or RAM problem,
had you check for these

Check your monitor or VGA cable.Also check system power supply (SMPS) & plug point.Sometimes due to problem of plug point.It does not give display.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
do you get any screen splash, BIOS loading notes or anything or just a boot fan start up an dnothing?

if nothing might be worth installing speed fan to check if they are cooking
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chinguettiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replies!

Dear houssam and kaskhedikar, I've tried that without any luck. I'm pretty sure the PC itself doesn't even boot.

Dear slam69, correct - I get absoutely nothing when booting up. Don't I need to be able to log on to windows to use speed fan?
My suggestion is that you remove everything from these machines and leave only the power, memory and motherboard/processor to eliminate other variables. Also remove the CMOS battery and discharge by hitting the power button with the machine unplugged from the AC.
If after removing everything and discharging as advised, you still don't get the BIOS or IBM/Logo screen.... in my experience you have a bad motherboard. It could also be a bad processor but it is a very rare occurrence.
One last test before giving up: try with another power supply.... (I doubt it will work but it won't hurt to test).
Bits ....

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This A-50 motherboard is selling very cheap online... $39...

I can tell you exactly what the problem with this is as I've just repaired 8 of them that all died within weeks of each other. You need to replace 2 x 1000uF capacitors, EC34 and EC35 on the mobo, just near the DIMM sockets. Job done.
Hello cazzer... Great feedback!!.. I'm just curious, it's good to see some old school repairs being done (it's sad to see that no one wants to do component-level repairs anymore because of the cost involved in labor): How did you determine where the problem is? Can you be so kind to elaborate? Maybe using the screen-shot above you can walk us through the steps you used to troubleshoot?

Bits ...
Hi Bits.

I was convinced it was something age related as these machines (which are on 24/7) all died within weeks of each other. Fault diagnosis was by examination: the faulty capacitors were noticably swollen. Swapped them out and they're all running great :)
Yes... they are old... Good work. Thanks for the reply.

Bits ...
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