Removing mailbox's folder permission

After deploying Symantec Enterpise Valut for Exchange 2007, we discover that users can view other users emails using Symantec explorer option and list down mailbox. After doing investigation, we find that there is AD SID "not resolveable" being assigned on different level of folders within the mailbox with full access permission and this situation is with alot of users mailbox. Example:
NT USER:S-1-5-21-256978217-479680079-709122288-10084
NT USER:S-1-5-21-256978217-479680079-709122288-12177
NT USER:S-1-5-21-256978217-479680079-709122288-11958
Please let us know, how can we do bulk remove. Effected folders are around 7876.

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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:

I doubt this user is the cause of your issue however to do bulk MAPI permissions cleanup the best free tool is the PFDavAdmin tool.

PFDavAdmin tool (Part 1)

Install this on a workstation and you also need .Net 1.1. 
DWTCITAuthor Commented:
Waiting for your prompt response.
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