SCOM implementation, monitor trusted domains

I am thinking about replacing my current solution for monitoring servers with SCOM 2007, but I am unsure if the implementation will work the way I want it to.

I want the SCOM installed in our office, but the servers I want to monitor are in 10 sites that are running their own AD, trusted into the office. I have been reading through the documentation, and as far as I can see, SCOM "integrates" with the active directory it's being installed into, which is not really what I want.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.
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adiloadiloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I see , you will have no problems if all sites can talk to each other , you only need the main server as a member of your domain , all the other sites can use  the client agent to report to your server . they do not need to be on the same domain . but you may need different credentials to install the agent on all sites. plus you should monitor you traffic and change the reporting to every 15 mn or so depending on you situation . any other os which is not windows system will have to use SNMP protocol .

Good Lcuk
you can configure snmp on the 10 servers to forward to your  SCOM 2007 , Also SCOM has client agents wich can be installed on any windows systems . if you need more info please provide detailed info about your windows domain infrastructure .
oyvindhaAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the lack of clarification.

It's 10 sites with 7-8 Windows servers each, The sites are running their own domain which is trusted into the office domain, where I wan't to configure the SCOM server.

The sites are connected by 256-512kbit satellite links. If it's just a matter of SNMP/WMI traffic, this should not be a problem since that's what I'm currently running today with Zenoss.

oyvindhaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the guidance, will give it a try.
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