to close FTP service on the HP Laser Jet Printers

1. FTP backdoor allows administrator privileges on the hp laser jet 2200  so if the ftp service is not required on these machines,shut it down..I would like to shutdown ftp service on this can I shutdown this service?
2. FTPD on HP Printer Accessible to Unauthenicated Remote Users so The FTP daemon on the HP Printer is accessible to remote users without authentication. Any remote user can connect to the FTP daemon and print arbitrary data. so This vulnerability can be exploited by an unauthenticated remote user to print arbitrary data. how can I do this?
3.Unauthenticated Access to FTP Server Allowed so A remote user may exploit this vulnerability to obtain sensitive can I do this?
I would like to close this security opens on the HP LaserJet printers, what should we do?
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Check it out, bro

You can telnet to the HP and disable anything you want, for ftp service see the security step 4.

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Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
you should be able to connect to the printer's IP from a web browser and access the protocols configuration, and close off the ones you do not require.  This can also be done to a certain extent via the Jetdirect card config on the actual device.

if you have Webjet Admin for HP printer management installed, this can be done very easily for all HP printers that you have the may have this feature.  Latest version is 10.2
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