Global.asax events not firing

Hi, I have an application developed in vs 2005. I have added Global.asax file but non of the events seem to fire. Then I created a brand new application with just a default page and added a global.asax file and events still dont fire. I also have vs 2008 installed and tried adding Global.asax and it seems to fire all the events. Any ideas why it wont be firing events in vs 2005 c#
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Check your website that under which version it is running and the correct folder it is locating.

Not the problem with VS 2005 or 2008.

Om PrakashCommented:
Try the following:
Remove global.asax from your project and add again and leave in on the root of the project.

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mmalik15Author Commented:
thanks for the comments

rajva, i have added the global.asax file at the application root level and the version of .net framework is 2.0.
om prakash I have already tried it, mean deleted global.asax and re added it but it does not seem to work

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Hi mmalik15,

   Try running the application from VS 2005 itself by pressing F5 and see whether it fires or not.

mmalik15Author Commented:
It does not  make difference thanks
Can you paste your global.asax content here? Include everything (you can delete the contents within a function if you so wish), but dont exclude anything else. Also tell us what specific event are you trying to hit in the Global.asax?
mmalik15Author Commented:
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