Can i disable sql and sharepoint services in small business server 2008

I have a small business server with 4gig ram but it is always sitting with 95% used
i also have 180gig hard disk with only 4gig free
I am going to try and free up some space but i was wondering if i could disable sql and sharepoint services so i could free up some memory, as im having problems with the server being really slow and sluggish and the email stops working
Can these services be safely disabled as i do not use them
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As long as you aren't using sharepoint or any applications that rely on SQL you can safely disable them.  The system does not require them to run, but certain applications might.  I don't use sharepoint and remove it as soon as I get a new server.  SQL I normally use, but I do have a server or 2 that doestn' so on those it is turned off.

Just be sure that none of your applications rely on SQL.
Yes you can disable their services but I doubt if that will help you much. You can disable them in Service.msc so that they won't run on startup. Are you using Business Contact Manager?

Somehow I do doubt if the high memory usage is caused by SQL, in particular you are not actually using it. What is having the highese CPU and/or memory consumption in Task Manager?

I also wouldn't recommend you remove SQL from your server. The reason why you only have 4Gb left (on a 180Gb hard disk) is NOT due to SQL. You can try to remove all the temp files (under Temp folder in Windows or User profiles), and also those Windows Updates folders.

If you REALLY need to get rid of SQL for space then you are probably growing out of your server, and will need to buy a new, or at least new hard disks with a larger capacity.

dougdogAuthor Commented:
No not using business contact manger
console.exe was using high memory
If you do a google on Console.exe it tells you very likely its a virus or spyware.

Check your server with a good Anti virus AND anti spyware software.

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SBS has two versions, standard and premium. The premium version includes a SQL maintenance plan that will reduce the logfile size and memory usage. the standard does not.
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