Sql server 2005 - Sp3 installation

I am upgrading sql server 2005 sp2 to sp3. So i have downloaded sp3 from below link:



After downloading, i have successfully installed sp3. After that i have downloaded CU#1of MS SQL 2005 SP3. At the time of installation it was asking "Select the where you want to unzip the file". Please let me know here which path/folder i have to select to proceed.

Please find the attached screen shots of CU#1 hot-fix extractor.
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Are you applying this CU because you have some of the problems that it fixes?

The path for export should be anything c:\temp for example.  I've not installed this CU directly but normally the path is a temporary one.

Looking at you screenshot in step 4 it would appear that you don't have all the necessary files.  It is saying it it part of a multipart archive.  That indicates you are missing another archive file.  Can you verify that you have all of the necessary files, or that the file is not corrupt.

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srinivas_ganamurAuthor Commented:
I have not missed any files. In Microsoft help center, it is clearly mentioned, from sp2 to sp3 upgrade ....we have to install first SP3 and after that we have to install CU#1 of SP3 (Sp3--Cu#1=CU#10 (SP2)+CU#11(SP2)).
What I meant was for CU#1 of SP3 are you missing any parts of the zip file, or have you tried re-downloading the file.

In your last graphic(step4), that warning indicates that it is expecting another archive part.  I.E.  It is expecting something like CU#1.part1 (which you have) when that extracts it gets to a point and then expects CU#1.part2 (which you don't have).  Does that makes sense.

I know you have installed SP3 and all the necessary updates that CU#1 requires, but it looks like your CU#1 download, is either missing a file or is corrupt, try re-downloading and then try it again..  
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srinivas_ganamurAuthor Commented:
i have successfully installed SP3 & CU#1 of Sp3 on my development server. But it was still showing SP2.

select @@version

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.4207.00 (Intel X86)   Dec 17 2008 14:34:38   Copyright (c) 1988-2005 Microsoft Corporation  Standard Edition on Windows NT 5.1 (Build 2600: Service Pack 2).

is there any extra patches i have to apply?
I've just checked mine and I definately have SP3 installed.    I checked both of my servers which both have sp3 installed and both are showing SP2.  Probably just a MS quirk.

srinivas_ganamurAuthor Commented:
Hi Kruger,

that is OS service pack.

use below query to check latest sql server service pack:

select serverproperty('productlevel'),serverproperty('productversion'),serverproperty('edition')
Wow, I'm sleeping a lot today.  Should have noticed that.  Yes, the serverproperty query displays sp3.  Are you saying that yours still shows SP2, or did we both make the same mistake. :)

srinivas_ganamurAuthor Commented:
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