Access database refresh rates?


We have some users on Microsoft Access 2003 / 2007. We have split the database to a backend and front-end.

However we are finding when users enter records into the database, it takes some longer to see others records? after about 10 mins, then users are able to see all the records. I'm worried about records being over-written. Can you suggest anyting? Do MS ACCESS have refresh rates?
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
10 minutes is far too long; the default refresh rate is 60 seconds, I believe, which means your form would/should see new data after that time. NOte that your users may need to refresh their forms to see those new records, but your code/macros would work with them (i.e. avoid duplicate data entry, etc).

Are all the users on the same network?

Is your data stored in an Access database, or something else (like SQL Server, Oracle, etc)?

In 03 the Refresh Rate is found in Tools - Options - Advanced.

In 07 it's found in Office Button - Access Options (not sure of the exact location from there)

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Mandev23Author Commented:
Hello. Yes the users are on the same network accessing from the same network share.
The entire database is in Access, no SQL etc.
i've checked the refresh rates etc. and they appear to be at 60 sec at you stated.

i wonder if it 's a a compatability issue of office 2007 and 2003 ? wonder if they all need to be on the same version?
Other users do not automatically see new records and deletions.  
To do that they must do something which causes a requery of the recordsource, such as closing and re-opening the form.  
If you feel it is important that they can see new records then you must add some code to requery the form (Me.requery  and not me.refresh) and run it at a suitable point in their use of the form, such as when they move to a new record.

As Scott said you don't need to see records for duplication to be detected.

Mandev23Author Commented:
where do i add this code?

i would like it so that any user can open the form and add a record, without over-writing another record. through testing i felt when a record was added and the user closed the form, it was as if the record was not added to the database quick enough... so when another user went in, it took the unique ID from the previous and over writ the entry ? would your code help?
If you are sharing a single database file  between versions of Access you are heading for trouble, although I don't see that it would be the cause of your delays in saves.

It is essential that you split your database into frontend and backend using the database splitter tool and you give each user their own copy of the frontend.  

In terms of your original Q...
If you are not doing anything currently to requery the form then you will never see new records until you close and re-open the form.

If you have used an autonumber field for the primary key of the table then there should be no possibility of allocating the same number to more than one record so one user is not going to overwite another's record.
If you are allocating IDs differently then it is not possible to comment until you have explained how you are doing it.

Obviously, if two users could enter the same record as a new record with different IDs then that is a different issue and something you would have tp program for separately.

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