Nexus 1000 port channeling


Can anyone please advise if it is possible to configure a  port channel in VPC-HM (containing 2 feeds  to 2 seperate physical switches - 1 feed per physical switch) which will act as an active passive team. We want to ensure, due to root bridge considerations on the physical switches, that no traffic transits the passive link unless the active fails.
Ideally this should function in a similar way to an HP active/passive team.


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PhilMacavityConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Harbor,

Thanks for the update, and yes, i am referrring to the 1000V softswitch. I've found the answer to the solution - MAC-pinning.


P.S. The 1000V doesnt support Spanning tree.

The nexus 1000V is a softswitch embedded along with VMWare, is this the product you are talking about?  Port channel will use both links, it is not a active passive scenario, spanning tree is what you want, port channeling means something different in Cisco terms, it really means bonding multiple links into one logical pipe

harbor235 ;}
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