I dont have permission to save files on the computer

Hey, i using Windows 7 pro 64BIT the problem occurs when I try to save a file on my computer it happens ramdom that I can not save files on your computer, sometimes I can save files on my computer and some not. At the same place on the computer  

and i have add my user in the admin group and in the user group

i have 20 computer new computer in the domain that runs windows 7 PRO 64BIT whith no problems and the all have the same setup
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This is usually a permission issue.
You have to make sure you have the appropriate permission for the mentioned folder.
Also check if perhaps some domain policy is not intervening /obstructing the process.
palsmarAuthor Commented:
it was Nod32 v4.0.467 that was the problem i have installed the latest version 4.0.468 and it should solve the problem many thanks for your help senad
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