Exchange 2007 (rtm) receives mailbox full warning

The user receives  this message

"2359MB      2048MB

Current size      Maximum size
Your mailbox can no longer send or receive messages. Please reduce your mailbox size. Delete any items you don't need from your mailbox and empty your Deleted Items folder."

The mailbox properties show the mailbox size as 663MB. The Exchange limit is set at 2GB.
The deleted items has been purged.

I know I'm missing something...  Any advice on where to look ?


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Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery EngineerCommented:
in Exchange shell Run Get-MailboxStatistics username | fl what is the size limit set to?   can you post it?
MinotAuthor Commented:
Here is the result:

AssociatedItemCount     : 70
DeletedItemCount        : 296
DisconnectDate          :
DisplayName             : Lynda Bartsch
ItemCount               : 1180
LastLoggedOnUserAccount : SAGAMORE\LBartsch
LastLogoffTime          :
LastLogonTime           : 3/29/2010 8:44:08 AM
MailboxGuid             : c20c068d-908f-453d-86fb-6bd0607fe204
ObjectClass             : Mailbox
StorageLimitStatus      : BelowLimit
TotalDeletedItemSize    : 20308773B
TotalItemSize           : 661723252B
Database                : SPHIXCHG\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database
ServerName              : SPHIXCHG
StorageGroupName        : First Storage Group
DatabaseName            : Mailbox Database
Identity                : c20c068d-908f-453d-86fb-6bd0607fe204
IsValid                 : True
OriginatingServer       : sphixchg
Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery EngineerCommented:
Ok well its at StorageLimitStatus      : BelowLimit
Question way is this at RTM and not service packed?    are you seeing anything in the event logs
MinotAuthor Commented:
Nothing in the event logs that explain the error.   I've scheduled SP2 update for this week.  I suspect that will resolve the issue.

Thanks for the help.
MinotAuthor Commented:
The message turned out to be a "Red Herring."  The user with the message is also the forward target of a mail box. The mail box over the limit was the mail box being forwarded not the users mail box.  I was also led to believe that other users were having the same issue, but this also turned out to not be true.

The one good thing about this was I was able to get the user to commit to SP2 upgrade which I did last night.

Thanks all for the help.

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