Microsoft SBS 2008 restore fails

Preformed a full system backup using the Server backup tool built into SBS 2008.
Created successfully.

Went to do a restore to another server with enough storage ect. (For DR)

It fails with the following error.

The Windows Complete PC restore failed.

Error details. There is not enough disk space on the system to perform the restore operation. Add another disk or replace one of the existing disks and retry the restore operation. (0x80042408)
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Shreedhar EtteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
vehastingsAuthor Commented:
Could someone clarify this for me.
The backup was tacken from a server with a 300GB(150GB used space) SAS primary partition and a 1TB(350GB of used space) SATA Secondary partition.
The restore is taking place on a server with 300 GB SAS primary partition and a 500 GB SATA Secondary partion
Should this work? Or is this the problem?
Shreedhar EtteCommented:

The free disk space is not taken into account for Windows backup/recovery. Only the Total hard disk size is taken into account for backup & recovery. You may have used only 10% of the entire disk but  Windows BMR would  require the new disk size to equal or more than original disk size.

For further refer:

I hope this helps,
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