How can I resize or move programatically a selected area in Wpf inkCanvas

When I use selection Editing mode in an inkcanvas , I  can manully resize or move a selected area(might contain uielements or strokes). How can i perfom the same actions programatically with c#??
bish wakimAsked:
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Roshan DavisCommented:
you can use MoveEnabled=True, ResizeEnabled=True in the xaml and you can use the inkCanvas Width, Height for size Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top to move in the code
bish wakimAuthor Commented:
Thank you very mush for your answer. Please explain to me your solution!
I try to expose again my question.
Say my inkcanvas(name= myink) contains children (strokes+elements sush as buttons' images...
So I can select all these children with the folowing c# line:
                     myink.Select(myink.Strokes, myink.Children.Cast<UIElement>());

I know all the selected children are living inside an AdornerLayer which permit moving and resizing
the selected block manually by the mouse.
How can I resize and move this block of selected children programatically???
You are the experts Please Help me!!!!

It must be some thing  easy to do ...
bish wakimAuthor Commented:
Below I wrote the code I found my self . The comments of roshmon were partially helpful especially for moving and resizing uielements.

InkCanvas myink = GetPage();
            Rect selectedbounds;
            myink.Select(myink.Strokes, myink.Children.Cast<UIElement>());
            selectedbounds = myink.GetSelectionBounds();
            double shiftx = selectedbounds.X;
            double shifty = selectedbounds.Y;
            StrokeCollection selectedStrokes = myink.GetSelectedStrokes();
            selectedStrokes.Transform(new Matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, -shiftx, -shifty), false);           
            selectedStrokes.Transform(new Matrix(0.75, 0, 0,0.75,0,0), false);

            //Move and resize UIelements
            ReadOnlyCollection<UIElement> selectedElements;
            selectedElements = myink.GetSelectedElements();
            double Element_deltax,Element_deltay;
            foreach (UIElement element in selectedElements)
                Element_deltax= (InkCanvas.GetLeft(element)-selectedbounds.X)*0.25d;
                Element_deltay = (InkCanvas.GetTop(element)-selectedbounds.Y)*0.25d;
                ((FrameworkElement)element).Width=((FrameworkElement)element).Width *0.75d ;
                ((FrameworkElement)element).Height = ((FrameworkElement)element).Height *0.75d;

                InkCanvas.SetLeft(element, InkCanvas.GetLeft(element)-shiftx-Element_deltax);
                InkCanvas.SetTop(element, InkCanvas.GetTop(element)-shifty -Element_deltay);

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