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Mac 10.6
We are connecting our users to Windows 2008 AD using AdmitMac and managing groups etc through Workgroup Manager.

Is it possible to change all our users default home directories so they point to a network location on a NAS storage device rather than the Windows home directories which gets picked up as they are authenticated through the Active Directory?

We are not using OS X Server in this process. We decided against this as we'd then have to have a completely seperate list of usernames/passwords.
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Craig BowmanIT Services ManagerCommented:
Could this help your situation?  

hope this helps

nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
I would recommend that you not use a Network location.  This is because if you have many  users, your network bandwidth with severly increase as the machines read write from the network stored home directories.

Also, if your network temporarily goes down, your workstations are also down.

Instead, I would recommend that you implement mobile home directories and sync specific portions of the users home directories to your network share for backup and roaming.

Admit Mac does support mobile accounts.  In their admin guide take a look at Hybrid Home Folders.

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