Windows 7 Post Sysprep Error

Hi Folks,

I created an image for the Dell Optiplex 760 PC. After customization I syspreped the Machine using an unattended answer file. I used the reference guide from here

Using a Hard Disk Duplicator I copied the HD and then tested the Image by placing the HD into a different Optiplex 760. However on Bootup the pc pauses at a "Windows Boot Manager" screen. It prompts me to enter the Installation Media and initatite a repair

"File:\ \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Status: 0xc0000225

Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt"

Following a repair the issue was fixed...

"The following startup Option will be repaired
Name: Windows Boot Manager

The Following Startup Option Will be repaired:
Name: Windows 7
Windows Device: Partition = Not Found"

My Question is this..
Will I have to run a repair on every Windows 7 Desktop or can I amend the unattended Answear file to ensure that the above issue doesnt occour?

If I can ammend the Answear file then what should I be looking for.

Thanks in Advance.....


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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Since the issue was related to BCD, don't you think that some acceptance of a resolution would be in order?

From what I've experienced myself, that error is related to a bad BCD file.  

Did the image capture actually complete properly?
wcaitAuthor Commented:
Yes it appeared to.

Im using a Logicube Echo Plus to duplicate the hard disk. The Sysprep process appeared to complete without any issues. I will retry the sysprep process again and check if the issue comes back.

Is there a way to check if the BCD file is corrupt?
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You can use the tool BCDEDIT to look at and modify the BCD file, certainly.

Here is a pretty good writeup on using this tool:

I would first start by looking at it by simply running BCDEDIT to check all the paths, etc. and ensure they are correct.  If not, you can edit them.  If you created the image properly and did not attempt to boot the cloned drive before reinstalling it to the new hardware then the original BCD should work.  I'm interested to see what BCD contains on the new drive.  You can access this tool by booting with the DVD and pressing shift-F10 at the HDD partitioning stage of the installation.  

Let us know.
wcaitAuthor Commented:
Hi Netman66,

Retryed cloning the hard disk using the "Mirror" setting as opposed to "Clever Copy" method, this fixed the issue. It appears this was causing the error in corrupting the BCD file. Thanks for the help
wcaitAuthor Commented:
fair enough you netmann you did give me a pointer as to what went corrupt!

Thanks for the help :)
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