Cannot login AIX


I am not able to login my AIX server

1. When I connect my server via ssh, It accepts my username and when I enter my password and press enter I get an error - Server Unexpectely closed network connection

2. I cannot rsh to the server

3. When I log on to the serial console, I see that there is an error

/dev/tty0: 3004-004 You must "exec" login from the lowest login shell

After showing me this error it showed a login prompt when I tried to login as root, it gave to
3004-010 Failed setting terminal ownership and mode

So at this point I think a reboot will reset all my network connections but I dont want to reboot, Is there any solution for this...????
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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

This happens generally when your Root filesystem "/" is 100% full. Just check your filesystem usage percentage. In this case a reboot wont solve your problem.

sgangenamoniAuthor Commented:
Well I cannot login to the system at all...So there is no way to check the root FS
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I suspect that your /etc/group file got corrupted or deleted.

So I fear you will have to boot into maintenance mode, access the rootvg and start a shell,
to check /etc/group for presence and readability.

Take care to have at least this entry in it:

Now you should be able to login as root regularly and recover /etc/group, possibly from a backup or from another, similar system.
There is also a tiny chance that grpck -y ALL will do the trick.

Good luck!



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sgangenamoniAuthor Commented:
thatz exactly why it was not able to login
clairvoyant as I am ...

What did you do to recover? Restore, copy, grpck?

Thx for the points!

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