How to limit output options in Crystal Reports XI

I'm creating some Crystal Reports in an OEM version of Crystal Reports XI Professional.  The reports are displayed within an application that passes data filters in to the report based on records selected by the user.

I want to know if there's a way in the designer to specify that the only output option the user has is to a PDF file.   ie hide the options to print directly, and to export to formats like Excel.
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Interesting.  No Printer is supposed to turn off the print capability and I know it did that in other versions of Crystal

The only way other than providing your own export button is to limit the dlls on the machine.  Crystal populates that dropdown based on the available export dlls

You can hide the export options by not having the export dlls on the machine.

Export dlls are named as CRXF_xxx.dll  where xxx is the file type like XLS or PDF

To not allow printing you can set the report to have NO PRINTER in the Printer or Page Setup under file.

You can also hide the printer icon if you can change the application

PHaddockAuthor Commented:
Sorry, for some reason I didn't get a notification when the suggestion was made.

I'm designing the reports for a client's sales team.  It's not an option to remove dlls from all their machines as many of them have other reports where they want full functionality.

When no printer is selected in page setup, at the time the report is generated there is still a print icon on the toolbar that works.
PHaddockAuthor Commented:
Doesn't help me.  I guess it can't be done.  I've written a front-end for it before - guess I'll have to do it again if the client will pay for it!

Thanks for the suggestions though.
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