Turn off dropdownlist repainting when it changes within an update panel

I have several dropdopwnlists within an ajax update panel.
When I change the values within any of the lists, all controls within the update panel reload data as expected such as textboxes and grids
However, I did notice that the dropdownlists themselves seem to repaint instead of just reload the data within them. Is there a way to not have this happen?

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Try placing each one inside its own update panel.
CSUGDENAuthor Commented:
Same behavior.
Ok, in your scriptmanager tag, is the PartialPageRendering property set to true?

If it is not, try adding that property and setting it to true.
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CSUGDENAuthor Commented:
Yes I have enabled partialpage rendering

try place the dropdownlist binding code inside !IsPostBack snip as shown below

if (!Page.IsPostBack)
//ddl binding

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CSUGDENAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I should have caught that one.
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