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how to open automatically links in a new window or new tab in sharepoint.
Currently links are opening on th same window ( sharepoint portal)
 any advise that how can change it to open in a seperate window.
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1.     Download OpenListItemInNewWindow.dwp from the given URL and Unzip that File.

2. Go To your Document Library. (i.e It Should be AllItems.aspx Page).

3. Go to Edit Mode (From Site Actions > Edit Page)

4. Click On Add WebPart.

5. You will find Advanced Webpart Gallery and WebParts in the Right Side Button of Add WebParts -- WebPage Dialog Window.

6. Click Advanced Webpart Gallery and WebParts.

7. You will Get Add WebParts Pane. Here You will find Browse in that right side corner you will one tilt.

8. Click that tilt and you will find Browse, Search, Import.

9. Click on Import and Browse the OpenListItemInNewWindow.dwp file and Click Upload. After Upload that file It will display in the Add Web Part Pane.

10. Drag that webpart into the page or Select and click Import.
I forgot to mention place the webpart directly under your link list
dkumeriAuthor Commented:
the links webpart already exists, these link should open in a different window.

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That's what this webpart does.... forces the link to open in another window
dkumeriAuthor Commented:
I followed your steps but this webpart deosn't show up when I publish it on a  site
Open the schema file for the links list feature.  In my case, it was located at:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\LinksList\Links\schema.xml
In this file there should be two instances of the following:
<Column Name="URL" HTMLEncode="TRUE" /><HTML><![CDATA[">]]></HTML>
Replace them both with this:
<Column Name="URL" HTMLEncode="TRUE" /><HTML><![CDATA[" target="_blank">]]></HTML>

Then restart IIS (or just the application's worker process), and now all the links in your links lists should open a new browser window


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