Robocopy - Monitor with Email Reporting

I have a server in NY and one in London.
I have set up a folder in NY so when a user drops a file into it, it moves it to a folder on the server in London. I have done this using Robocopy and I am  happy with it.
It is using the MOT switch and is constantly running.

I would like to add some kind of email functionality so that when a file has been sucessfully copied a notification is sent to specified users.

I have managed to do this with a batch file running a single Robocopy instance and calling a PowerShell command after. But as this works by running after robocopy it does not suit my needs. I need it to run after a file has been succesffuly copied

I run this batch file
Robocopy "\\NYServer\Folder1" "\\LondonSever\Folder1" /E /Z /MOT:2 /MOVE /R:20"

Powershell.exe C:\Robocopy\Email.ps1

This is  Powershell Email.ps1
$emailFrom =""

$emailTo = ""

$subject = "Test"

$body = "New file in folder"

$smtpserver = ""

$smtp = new-object Net.Mail.smtpClient($smtpServer)

$smtp.send($emailfrom, $emailTo, $subject, $body)

 I hope this is enough information for you to help me.

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Since robocopy is running continuously with MOT, you never get to the powershell command, of course.

You might try running robocopy with a logging option, e.g.
  Robocopy "\\NYServer\Folder1" "\\LondonSever\Folder1" /E /Z /MOT:2 /MOVE /R:20 /LOG:C:\robolog.txt
(I don't know, though, does robocopy append to the log in this case when run with /MOT, or will it potentially overwrite the log every 2 minutes?)

... and then running a separate continuous Powershell script that monitors C:\robolog.txt for changes/additions, and sends your email when appropriate.
I don't have a specific powershell script to do this, but the file monitoring script discussed on the following page may provide inspiration:

Depending on how robocopy does logging in /MOT mode, and how successfully a powershell script monitors the logfile, you may want to use /LOG+:C:\robolog.txt  (specify append mode).

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00831607020Author Commented:
Sorry for not  getting back to this.... Holiday, busy, etc, etc.
Thank you for the response, I will aim to get round to trying your suggestion this week.
00831607020Author Commented:
Sorry I did not respond to this, but other tasks took over and it got left behind.
I hope to revisit this one timem though and will report back if I get an answer.
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