Need fax-to-email suggestions


I'm the systems admin for a mid-sized healthcare company (~150 users, 6 locations), and I've been tasked with finding a reasonably priced fax-to-email solution that can handle our volume (about 15,000 outgoing pages per month).

We have 10 incoming fax #s on analog lines (not VoIP) assigned to a hodge-podge of different printer/copier equipment throughout our offices. We'd like to consolidate these lines onto one or two fax-to-email appliances or two different industrial multifunction devices that support fax-to-email capability. It would also be ideal to be able to print to a fax directly from our client workstations.

Budget hasn't been specified, but my gut tells me I've got about a range of about $400 per month to implement this (or a grand total of ~$5K for a purchase). I've thought about using the Sagem Express edition here:, but I've got no experience with it and I'm uncertain of cost or difficulties in implementation.

Any thoughts? 500 points up for grabs because I NEED HELP!!
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What kind of copy machines do you currently have? You might consider asking your photocopy company if there is a FAX option for your machine, which the driver can be loaded on your workstations and print to FAX. I use a FAX board on my Xerox for both incoming and outgoing Faxes.
lamontcAuthor Commented:
We've got a couple of different (older) systems. It really is a hodge-podge of older equipment. One copier is a Minolta Di251; we also have a Sharp AR-M237 and a Muratec -F320.

Okay I don't see a Fax option for the Minolta Di25, the Sharp AR-M237 has a FAX kit and it looks like it can do network Faxing. I can't find anything on the Muratec -F320, so that one I'm not sure about.

My suggestion would be (I just went through this at my offices, within the last 2 weeks) Contact a Xerox dealer and ask them about a WorkCentre 5675 with FAX option, we currently queue up the faxes and have them distributed via email. This option should come in under the $400.00 limit (with a 3 year lease) and provide you with a new copier/scanner/FAX and also take care of the issue with Faxing.

If you want to go with a strictly software based solution, I will look around more and see whatelse I can come up with.

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Hi Lamont
I have succesfully implemented a great fax server solution ( sends 2000 pages daily ), that also receives a few hundred pages per day, which are in turn forwarded to corresponding users in a 75 users network, using Zetafax from
Check them out, i only use a fraction of the product's possibilities.
luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
if you want to avoid hardware I use ( it's web based and hosted.  It does e-mail to fax and fax to email.  it also keeps a great log and history.
luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
I don't think they ever provided enough to answer it correctly.  Never know if they needed hardware or software or web based....

Marakush: provided the first viable solution so they should get the points.
lamontcAuthor Commented:
Marakush really provided the best answers, in my opinion. Thanks for the help, all.

We'll be looking deeper into the Xerox workstation solution.
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