New SSP Administration link shows 404 error

I created a first SSP in a new MOSS 2007 installation, but the new Shared Services Administration link shows HTTP 404 error-Not found.

The creation of SSP was complete and it showed the services in the SSP.

I am using IIS7 on Windows 2008 Server.

What can be going wrong?
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Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
When you created the SSP did you create both the web application and the site collection for it?
PaawanAuthor Commented:
After I configured the search and query service in the farm I created SSP in the following order.

1. New SSP
2. In the New SSP page I used the links in there to create the two new application. (No site collection was created)
3. New SSP Created successful message got displayed with all those services running.
4. On the central admin site as I click the new SSP under "Shared Services Administration" on the left menu

It says "Server Error is Application : Default Web site" HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found

I am using Windows Server 2008, IIS 7

Another issue is eventhough the Search Services displayed as started, the log issues with propogation, so I restarted again and now I ensured its working. But during the creation of SSP I doubt it was not working properly.
PaawanAuthor Commented:
Few more things to add on to the discussion...

I have three servers with complete installation of MOSS
Server A - With Search Service + Central Admin
Server B - Query Service and Excel
Server C - Query Service and Excel

From the Central Admin as I create SSP and Applications, I can see the applications are created in Server B and Server C.

My requirement is to Create an SSP in this farm with host header


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If your firewall is on, you need to add inbound/outbound rules for the port where SSP is running. (at least this is what I missed and got a similar error).
Hope this helps.

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PaawanAuthor Commented:
I already enabled the ports and it worked out well for a new SSP.

But the old SSP whose sites are on Port 80 still didnt work, I guess even though the ssp creation displayed successful due to the firewall I suspect it didnt create the web applications.

Also let me know how the host header works? Do we need to configure the DNS server as well or just by providing the in the host header field while creating the application will work?
I don't think the firewall might have interfere with the creation of the web application. Rather, the fact that the SSP is on port 80 might have something to do with this.

Anyway, here is a post for an user having a somehow similar issue
And here is another user's experience on host headers in SSP - this may provide some info on how to setup

That's all i know on host headers :-)
Hope this helps at least with some ideas on where to look.
Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
You MUST create a site collection for the SSP web application.  Without it there are no pages to display.

Plus you cannot create an SSP central administration site at the root.  It will always be http://<host header>/SSP/Admin/...

Yes it sucks but that is the way Microsoft did it.
PaawanAuthor Commented:
from what irinuc: comment, i really dont know why Port 80 cannot be used.
But I succeeded in using a different port and its now working fine.

Thanks for the suggestions.
PaawanAuthor Commented:
Eventhough I was not clear about the reasons of why not? I created the applicaions on different port other than Port 80.
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