AS2 Save textbox MovieClip as PNG

I want to be able to convert a textbox MovieClip to a PNG file. It has to be AS2 presently, but may be AS3 in the future.

Basically, I have a module that allows a user to type text in an input textbox. As each letter is added (or when all typing is completed), the user has the option of moving the textfield. I want to replace the input textbox with a PNG file of what he just typed. Currently, we are using Flash as the front end that populates XML and have an issue trying to match the fonts during the PDF creating to what is seen online.

Also, I need the dpi of the file on the screen to be 72, and the dpi of the image saved to be at least 200.
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This is basically what I used to save an image file with AS2...

My suggestion is to compose the image of the text in PHP/GD...  Just pass in the user typed string to PHP and have PHP create a PNG file on the fly...


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msukowAuthor Commented:
This may not work for me, because I am in an environment
It's been a long time since I did .Net, but this seems to be covering all you need...  ;)

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