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I just change the static IP address on my Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Server and the network now listed as "Unidentified Network"! How do I change it back to Domain Network. I verified all IP configuration correct and DNS record is also correct! Server has 4 NICs but other 3 are disabled. Only one nic active and I just change static IP on it. Thanks.
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ITBoyAuthor Commented:
I changed it back to old IP and it got on my domain instantly? interesting! What cause the NIC to be classified as "Unidentified NetworkIng"? Changing server static IP should be an easy task but not with this Windows 2008 R2 OS!

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to my knowledge this happens when there are issues with DNS client configuration on the server or lack of communication with the network. Did you specify the DNS servers AND the DNS suffix for that connection?

Best regards.
ITBoyAuthor Commented:
Hi aisaudalite,

Yes, I did specify dns server and dns suffix for the connection. It was working fine, all I did was changing the IP. I put the old IP back and it works..nothing change except the IPs. Any idea? Thanks.
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