Consolidating PST's

Over the years, through some remarkably poor foresight on my side, I have accumulated more personal PST's than might have been thought possible.

Some of these are dumps from when I left a job or a position or even a computer. I've returned from a 3 month hiatus and now am struggling to reconcile my  laptops archive instructions with what my production machine thinks is going on.

To the question:

Can I easily (read: without having to Open Data File on each) merge the contents of a number of PSTs.

For the 'A'
Is it possible to easily filter the data imported by date (Year X only) and to dedupe ?

So, the ideal solution is one that can be made aware of all of my PST's and spit me out some deduped archives (2007 Consolidated Archive, 2008 Consolidated Archive etc.) that includes calender & mail etc.
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I wish there was an easy way.  I haven't come across a solution to deduplicate and consolidate all the data in PST files.

I believe the manual way is the only way.  Create a new 2007 PST and dump the emails into it.  Then weed through sorting the email by subject.

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Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
Not sure that there is any program to auto-merge pst files; but what I'd suggest:

Create a new pst file, and start out fresh using this new one.

After you have your email working and setup using this new one, open all the other pst files from within Outlook so you can see the contents of each one, then copy move/copy* current email to your new one.

*if your current emails are greater than 1G, I'd discourage moving all this email to your new pst file.
Might be better just to evaulate the contents of each pst file and label the pst file appropriately. You can give each a lable not only as part of the actual file name, but also as a description when viewing in Outlook to make it easier to recognize which is which.

For the smaller pst files, just drag and drop the contents from the smaller pst file to your new pst file if you want to combine them.
ConchialAuthor Commented:
Sigh , that's about what I expected. Thanks anyway.
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