hp pavilion a705w pc no output video

well bought this system for $80 its has 2.93ghz celeron fast cpu 512mb ddr1 ram and 40gb hdd with xp pro on it and a pny geforce nvidia 5200 fx 128mb pci card in it this has no on board vga port it must have been removed so since there is no agp port on mobo it has pci card yeah i know not great for gaming its not like i was gonna play doom 3 anyway while i was downloading stuff and putting stuf on hdd from jump drives and other hard drives i then plugged in my v-touch its a ipod wanna be but cheaper and awesome when i did that my system shut down and the front blue light blinked rapidly and so did the power supply led i then unplugged it and waited for 15 minutes then plugged ac in and green psu led was solid ok i thought so far so good then hit blue power button and it was solid i could hear and see cpu fan running and hard drives running and hhd led blinking as it was posting but my monitor is fine but no video at all the pci card did have a duct taped 12v fan on it plugged in case fan power port on mobo i did not like it as it was hanging off it and had no more tape to keep it there i did remove fan completely from baord since is it not the original fan also it does have the heat sink attached so what happened did i blow the vga card or did i short something. i did buy from ebay a evga e-geforce 5200 fx dvi 128mb pci card its used but new and never used with software and it has its own fan so i installed it and still nothing i know cpu,ram,hdd are fine and working but no video output SO PLEASE HELP I NEED THIS SYSTEM TO WORK IM USING WIN 2KPRO ON A IBM APTIVA WITH AMD K6 CPU YEAH SLOW AS S@#T I HAVE RCN CABLE MODEMN SO I HAVE ONLINE SPEED BUT VERY SLOW PC FOR NOW SO PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT THE MOBO AND TELL WHAT I CAN DO THANK YOU FOR READING MY POST
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Darren SharplesSystems SpecialistCommented:
i am guessing mobo.  you could try reseating the pci card and make sure its clear of dust etc
ncc72473Author Commented:
thank you but i need total confirmation that the mobo is shorted out thank you
A few things to try:
- are all USB devices unplugged?
- Clear the CMOS with the jumper or by removing the coin sized battery for about 15-20 minutes
- take it down to basics. CPU, 1 stick known working ram, video. Everything else unplugged or taken out of the slots.

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When you plugged in your v-touch, you may have overloaded the USB port, as it shut down at that moment.  The overload may have damaged something else on the motherboard, but make sure the video card actually works on another machine - it may be the problem.
Thank you much.   : )
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