How to display Flash Video (flv) in SharePoint?

I have 4 files that must 'live' together in the same folder to play. An flv file, html, and 2 swf files. I believe the .flv file is the main video file as it is the largest, the rest are less than 40 kb. I uploaded all 4 files in a document library and attempted to use the Flash Movie Web Part and copy the url of the main flv file but nothing shows up. I believe that the other three files are not synced up to the flv which is why I cannot view it. Any ideas?
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Djinn415Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to post the video file after creative solutions resent different files. The video basically pointed to the HTML. So basically I uploaded the new files, no special code or javascript needed, and launched the html file and the video was able to play
Djinn415Author Commented:
Thanks for references but I already checked those but it doesn't seem to work. I think the reason is because the flv file requires the other 3 files to play, thus, requiring it all to be in the same location. Problem is I dont know how to implement those other files to play the flv file. I only uploaded all of them in the document library but not in the code. Any ideas? Thanks,
It seems the key is the implementation of the HTML file so please post the code here so we can see the whole story of the 3 files.
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