"Edit this task" not working after opening InfoPath form

I am using a custom Work Order form built In InfoPath and incorporated some code written in Visual Studio 2008. The form works great and sends emails, assigns tasks and routes them to the appropriate approver based on department. The problem i am having is when the approver opens the email to approve/reject. When they receive the work order request email there is a link to "click here" to approve/reject. The InfoPath form opens as it should. Then the Workflow Task bar at the top appears with an "Edit this task..." button. This says to me that it recogizes that I am an authorized approver, yet nothing happens when i click it. The button flashes and I am expecting a window to come up. But it never does.

I am new to the use of InfoPath and still a little green with Sharepoint Server. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
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Shailaja KumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a fix that is mentioned in the following, hope it will help for a solution,
twheetleyAuthor Commented:
This is a MOSS 2007 server running on a Windows 2003 Standard server. This is a virtual server in a VMware enviroment.
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