LaserJet 4250 PostScript Driver takes a long time to print

When printing from Acrobat 9 Pro to a LaserJet 4250 using the Postscript driver, the printer waits several minutes on "Processing Job". This is a two page scanned document that someone used the Typerwriter feature to mark up. I power cycled the printer, installed the latest PS driver, no dice. I switched to the PCL driver, and the document printed immediately.

In the interest of convenience for the user, I didn't test print other documents with the PS driver, but I am able to print this document to another PS printer - a Savin C4540.

Why is the PS driver hanging up? How can I fix it?
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Sometimes when you remove/readd/update drivers you need to completely clean the old drivers off the workstation/server.

In the printer window you should be able to right click and see 'server properties".

In there you will find a list of all the print drivers installed on the machine/server.

Make sure there are no older/other drivers listed for the LJ4250.

I would start the driver shuffle over from scratch, complete uninstalling (check the server properties) then reinstalling the LJ4250PS driver again.

Also is this a 32 or 64 bit machine?
Is it any document printed to the PS driver taking too long?  or just this one document?
pixelchefAuthor Commented:
I will try your suggestion to reinstall the driver.

It's 32-bit XP Pro.

MS Word documents are fine. I will test it with other PDF files. This started to be a problem around the time I installed Acrobat 9. I think it had version 8 previously. Could that be a factor?
It could, I worked at a printing company for several years and our work around was to just not use the PS driver with adobe 9. We used PCL drivers for it.  This was actually Adobe's workaround.  =)  They were supposed to be fixing it, but I guess they still haven't.   That was 2+ years ago, give or take.


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pixelchefAuthor Commented:
Oh man. I thought PS was supposed to be WAAY better than PCL?! In that case, it may be that my fresh install of Acrobat 9 doesn't have the patch that fixes this problem, if indeed there is a patch.
pixelchefAuthor Commented:
since it is working with the PCL driver, I will assume it is a patch or bug issue. I will take care of that another day. Thank you.
Yeah to be honest I wouldn't beat myself up over.  Like I said - having worked for a very (world wide) large print company, and using the PCL was just fine for us with engineering and architect clients, I think you should be fine.

Cheers and wish there was a better answer.
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