xw4600 will not POST with atto R380

I have a new HP xw4600 workstation. The configuration is 3.0ghz, 6gb ram, 250gb hdd, nvidia fx1800 (slot2), Avid HIB(slot3), and HP 1394 card(slot5) running Vista 64 Business.

The issue is that the system will not boot with the R380 card installed. I have gotten 2 replacement R380 cards, replacement PSU, replacement motherboard all to no avail. I have removed all of the RAM except one 1gb dimm (even tried new crucial dimm), and all other cards except graphics and r380 as well as tried the R380 in each of the pcie slots.

When I power up the system the first time after turning on the power strip, the system boots just fine. After I shut it down and cold boot it again and every time after that, the system will power on for 1-2 seconds then power off, on for 1-2 seconds then power off... then continue this cycle anywhere between 6-20 times before it will actually POST and boot.

I have tried the latest available BIOS as well as having our HP business support rep send me every release of BIOS he had access to... all with the same results.

HP, Avid, and Atto have no good suggestions, and I am out of ideas. Anyone have any experience with this condition that could point me to something to try?
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Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
Tell your HP support rep that you want a replacement system with the desired configuration, delivered working.  Your time is valuable; your company is probably paying $100 an hour for it once overhead is included, and you should not have to chase HP's problem in a new workstation.
GlkeanAuthor Commented:
Tell me about it! The problem is that I have already replaced the system board only to get the same results... I don't want to get another one if the results are going to be the same. In the meantime, I have ordered a refurb'd z400 (with 3yr warranty) to get us by for now... but still need to figure this 4600 issue out.
I'd check the power supply if it were me.  I'm not sure of that specific model of HP and whether an off the shelf PS will fit, but if it does, it doesn't hurt to try a good quality power supply.  I had a similar experience with a DVR card used for surveillance and the lack of power caused it to turn off as the system was apparently applying power to the device.
GlkeanAuthor Commented:
thanks for your response djaburg. I did try an Antec 500w, as well as having HP sending me a new one. I even went as far as removing the dvdroms and all the cards except the graphics and r380 just to make sure I wasn't running out of power. It certainly may be a power issue, but I have done my best to resolve that it is unlikely. At this point, I am RMA'ing the workstation and going with a b-stock z400.
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