Branch Office Exchange Problems

Hi All

I have complicated problem is two of my branch offices Exchange Servers.

I have Exchange Server in HQ and 4 Exchange Servers in 4 Branches.

Every Branch has its own Exchange Server that serves its users.

I had some problems in the HQ Exchange and I restored some storage groups, and move some mailboxes between the storage groups, now I have the following problems:
-      Users within 2 branches can't send internal emails between them and to the other users in the HQ Exchange Servers.
-      Users can receive external mails (Outside the Company).
-      All messages are freeze in the Directory (Waiting for Directory Lookup)

I noticed the following error always happens:
Event Type:        Error
Event Source:    MSExchangeSA
Event Category:                General
Event ID:              9153
Date:                     3/29/2010
Time:                     5:12:13 PM
User:                     N/A
Computer:          SRV-44
Microsoft Exchange System Attendant reported an error '0xc0072141' when setting DS notification.
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I have also errors: 9035-6004-9035

The Branch office has its own running GC and DC, Replications works without any problems between sites.
Dcdiag returned no errors.

Please help me
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alaaayConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Guys

Thanks for your reply .... I solved it again ... I put hte Exchagne Server as GC.

This is not best practice as I think and sure I didn't solve the GC problem but i m working now.

Are the branch office servers configured to automatically obtain their Directory Access (i.e. Active Directory) servers or have you manually specified them in the settings for the servers?

Also, what version of Exchange is this?
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