Asigra VS Robobak - Offsite Backup

Can someone who has worked with one or both of these products share their experience.

Thank you
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I've used both products and I think they both good and each have their own pro's and con's.

Asigra does support a lot of legacy systems like Win 98 and NT and ROBOBAK doesn't for example. Also Asigra dedupes at the file level where ROBOBAK dedupes at the block level, so you will require less storage with ROBOBAK.

What I would suggest is no matter what product you choose, put in the best hard disk and RAM that you can. It really does make a big difference.


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There are numerous differences between Asigra and RoboBak.  Here a just a few for your consideration:
1. Product stability - in 2009 we posted over 300 trouble tickets to the RoboBak support team.  Since 2006 I've posted 33 trouble tickets to Asigra.
2. Coverage - Asigra covers a wide range of file systems, databases and Operating Systems, vm platforms, etc.  RoboBak is Windows-centric.
3. Performance - based on side-by-side comparison backing up the same data, vault server resource utilization is about five times higher on the RoboBak platform.
4. Bandwidth Utilization - Asigra utilizes approximately 1/3 of the customer's available bandwidth.  This has two impacts: backups are performed faster and more pipe available for other business activities.
5. Database Size - Asigra vault database size is approximately 1/20 of the RoboBak size.
6. RoboBak installation is easier.  They allow many of the parameters to be re-configed.  This is possible in Asigra via mass deployment but the process is more complex.
7. Reporting - a much wider range of reporting and monitoring tools on the Asigra platform.
8. Archiving - Asigra archiving has a good deal of functionality.  RoboBak platform is very limited.
9. High Availability - for service providers this is a requirement.  Asigra architecture has numerous HA features, both at the client side and vault server side.  As of December 2009 there was no HA option(s) available on the RoboBak platform.
10. Local Storage Feature - used to hold local copies of backup generations.  Very wide set of features on the Asigra platform.  Very difficult to use or manage on the RoboBak platform.
11. Replication - an optional feature on Asigra.  As of December 2009 not available on RoboBak.
12. Disaster Recovery of client side environment - standard Asigra feature.  No available on RoboBak.

I hope this helps.
I have extensive experience with both Asigra and Robobak and the products are night-and-day different.

Plain and simple Asigra offers and enterprise-classs data recovery platform from top to bottom. The comments by Dennis (above) are right-on, he's done a nice job quantifying the features available in Asigra and comparing it to the Robobak solution. In a nutshell I put full weight behind the Asigra product - kudos to Robobak for the attempt but it's a far cry from anything enterprise-class.

I will add to the above post from perspectives that were not mentioned - design, support and service:

I have been to Asigra's headquarters in Toronto, Canada and I have met the executives, developers, account managers and trainers alike. I have worked with support extensively and give them only the highest marks - knowledgeable, fast and right-on every time. They often go above and beyond. This is indicative of the entire Asigra team. Account managers are responsive and proactive. The executives have a forward thinking approach and actively listen to needs and desires of customers. In short, it's no surprise that the Asigra product is bullet-proof.

The Robobak experience on the other hand is quite the opposite. It begins with leadership in Atlanta, the development team in Canada (and other locations abroad?) and no (zero) account managers. Support and code fixes were on-the-fly. The product was advertised to support several items that were just plain missing at the time (Continuous Data Protection for example). The common response was "it's coming in the next release..." The only thing that was responsive was (not surprisingly) payment processing. With a Technically inferior product, non-existent service and elusive management it's surprising the company is still around. One of my colleagues put it best: I wouldn’t trust them to backup pictures of my mother-in-law.
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Regarding design, support and service, User277 (sorry, but don't have a name) is right on point.  Asigra is a first class operation in all the categories mentioned.  Mr. Roberts, CEO of RoboBak, should have learned that during his short career at Asigra.

A good indicator of product quality is the number of code releases/updates that you experience.  In 2009 we received 17 critical updates to the RoboBak platform; some of which broke other functionality.  We also experienced, numerous times, the inability of RoboBak to perform restores.  All should stay away for the RoboBak platform.
I respectfully have a different view of the ROBObak team and platform. After listening to a 20 minute dissertation from the Asigra sales person on how their application was superior, he never once did they want to understand our business or how their application might help us. All they wanted was a PO. That was strike 2 before we even evaluated the product. ROBObak on the other hand listened to our business model and we were provided a solution to meet our business needs. When evaluating both product lines, ROBObak has superior functionality and ease of use.

As with any application, there are going to be bugs that are overlooked. Look at Microsoft for example, every Tuesday is some release to fix an issue(s). The key point is how those items are addressed.

In our experience, ROBObak has clearly defined their willingness to help resolve any issue that we've addressed. Not only do they address an issue in a timely fashion, they go above and beyond supporting our customers. Additionally, we are not penalized or charged additional support costs with ROBObak. As for the other vendor, you have a finite set of support calls for a 12 month period and are required to buy additional support calls after that. That additional support cost was strike 3 for us.
I will share one more statistic regarding our experience.  Our migration plan from Asigra to RoboBak involved moving 10% of our clients to RoboBak and observing for 30 days(May 2009).  During the 30 day window we lost 7 clients due to backup, restore and network load issues on the client side.  During that same window of time 10 additional clients warned that if the problems were not resolved within 30 days they would terminate their contract with us.  During that same 30 day window we received five software update in an attempt to resolve the problems being experienced.  All of our clients were returned to the Asigra platform by June 15.  We continued through December 2009 working with the RoboBak support organization in an attempt to resolve over 20 well documented problems with the platform before deciding to abandon the project.  Please be careful when you deploy and you'll want to pla to double the size of your support staff!!
I have to disagree with dft146, I have been using the RoboBak software for a little over 6 months now and I have been on version and have no reason to upgrade to version which is the only release this year. So I am not sure what product dft146 was using, but can't be the same.

We have been using ROBObak for about a year and would not go to another solution. We are on 10.2.
OLMECIANAuthor Commented:
WIth the exception of "Intermania" do the rest of you work for Asigra and Robobak?    All your accounts were created recently.  I'm just saying... :)
Actually, I signed up looking for a windows server 2008 solution and came across this discussion.

I work for neither company. We are a full service backup and storage provider using the ROBObak application as our engine.  We made the right choice after a number of months researching the market.

We are an enterprise online backup and recovery provider using Asigra (were using both Asigra and RoboBak) as our engine.  We been providing services since 2005.  I was browsing for VM solution.
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