Cisco 1800 gui problem

I have a problem with my cisco 1800.  The GUI has stopped working.  I can log into it and I can navigate but when I try to make a change (click the edit button to change a NAT for example) nothing happens.  We were setting up an exchange server and a guy tweaked it.  Could he have locked it down? My user name still has privilege 15.  HELP
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MightySWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, why can't you use the CLI?

If you have a question about the config or what is happening or not happening then you can post it here.

More than likely you just have to go into the CLI, do a sh run command, copy that config to notepad or something, then just do a reload on the router.

This will get it back to a configuration that was probably not written / saved to with the GUI interface.

After the reload you should be able to see if you have access to the GUI.  

If you still don't have access to the GUI, then you already have the configuration that you need (the sh running command)

Go into the CLI, delete the startup-config file in nvram and reboot.  This will get you to initial configuration mode.  From here just type no to enter setup.  You will then be left with the original, bare bones config.  

go into conf t and copy / paste the running config that you just backed up.  hopefully this will get you unlocked.

taphopeAuthor Commented:
Did not answer question directly....but suggested an alternate method of fixing problem
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