Cybernetics iSAN and miSAN Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with Cybernetics SAN devices?  They seem to have good features and prices but we are unable to obtain much independent information about them.
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eshteynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I personally have never heard any good things about Cybernetics. The most common comment i hear is the hot swap bays are very cheap and flimsy. Also heard the connectors inside are not perfectly aligned sometimes and cause damage to the hard drives.
DavidLHornAuthor Commented:
eshteyn:  Thank you for your comments.  Have you actually used the Cybernetics devices?
I have used them and I am not a fan. There are much better products out there
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Here is a picture of the tray.  I took one of a tray with and without a hard drive.  I haven't seen any issues with connectors lining up, as they use the connectors of the disk drives to attach to the backplane.  I don't have pictures of older trays but I can say these are not flimsy (2008-2010 models).
camdenboyzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I own a 12 TB unit.  The unit is very fast compared to my lefthand networks nsm 2120.  I have had a RAID controller go out in the unit once already.  The price is hard to beat.  I got 12TB unit for 11k which now are around 10k.  
ExcelsusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Controller failures are rare but I always recommend HA mode just to cover all the bases.  I have a lot of single unit installs that haven't had any failures whatsoever - but HA is still desirable for the one time something like this happens.  I also find the units to be very quick.  The new 4.0 hardware version is even faster than before.
I needed a manual for a SAN that I bought from them.  Here is my email with there response.

me:  Can I get the manual for the miSAN D, SN = 08120107?

Them:  User manuals are provided at no charge to our customers that maintain the Cybernetics gear under warranty.  
The warranty on your miSAN expired in December.  The cost of the manual is $ 50.00 plus freight ($ 10.95).  Manuals are specific to the serial number and model.   Please let me know if you require a formal quote.

$61.00 for a manual for a product that I bought.  Is this a company that you want to buy from?
Having dealt with a Misand for about a 11/2 years i would strognly suggest you look elsewhere.

currently on our 5th chassis, little to no software interface, high amount of disk failures, iScsi disconnects, complete san lockup..... dont let price sway you
Been using for a while now and no problem. Fast ......
Cybernetics doesn't use proprietary disk drives.  They use off-the-shelf enterprise class SATA/SAS drives.  

Sorry you are on your 5th chassis.  Something doesn't sound right there, especially if you're seeing high disk failures with RE drives.  My experience is like n_smith's.
I am aware of the drives they use. my thought is something on their controller may be causing disk failures... in any event I ordered a Dell md3200 for about the same cost as the misand and will have a very expensive place to put my backups once the new san is in place.

maybe I am an exception to the norm but I can't afford to take the gamble anymore

And as of this post I had to wait over a week for cybernetics to send me a config file to work with our drives in the new chassis they sent. I am not sure if it will work (the last file didn't).

Glad to hear you're having no problems... wish I had the same results
ConanTheLibrarian TheLibrarianCommented:
Have had Cybernetics MiSAN D 16TB Mirrored and stripped for 6TB usable, for over 4 years now.  They have a superior product at an outstanding price.
Their service is excellent.  Even when I let my maintenance plan lapse, they continued to provide me superlative service with courteous professionalism.
Our business is web hosting so we cannot afford to be down.  The Cybernetics units have proven to be a cost-effective way to stay ahead of the pack by providing affordable, reliable service at a fraction of the cost of their nearest competitor.  I rate Cybernetics 4 1/2 stars as a product and 5 stars as a company.
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