How do I create and exclusion for Kaspersky AV for my Backup Exec Server Program

I think I need to create an scanning/monitoring exclusion for my A.V. program as it relates to Backup Exec.

since I have installed Backup Exec 12.5 on SBS2003 Server, my backup times have increased.  I want to make sure that I am not scanning everyfile that I am backing up.

Can anyone help me?
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Jason WilcoxCommented:
What make and version of AV are you running? You said that backup times increased after you installed BE 12.5 on your server, what were you running for backups previously? Or did you mean to say that backup run slower after you installed the AV software on the server?

What was the time frame on your backups previously? What is it now?

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creativenetworksAuthor Commented:
Kaspersky Server v1419 and Admin kit v.8.0.

I just want to make sure I am not scanning every file as it is backed up.

Yes backups slowed after AV install.  Added about 1/2hr to a 2hr backup.
Jason WilcoxCommented:
I hate assuming, but if it is AV real time scanning causing the slow down you could stop the real time scanning during your backups. There are several ways to do this, one would be to run a pre and post job script. This can be setup in the individaul job properties pretty easily.
Jason WilcoxCommented:
Or, you could disable real time scanning on the server. I wouldn't do this unless this is not a file server and you have it locked down tight. Or perhaps you add exceptions to the AV real time scanner for the resources you're backing up. This again would depend on what those resources are. If these are user files, probably not a good idea. If they're database dumps you're fairly safe to do that.
First of all, yes, Kaspersky scans all files as they're backed up. To test this, run KAV on the server and go to the Protection -> File Anti-virus page. This page displays the "Last scanned" file. Now open BE and run a backup job. Make sure both programs are visible. Time the backup to see how long it takes (you may have already done this) and you'll also see the files displayed in the "Last scanned" portion in KAV.

Now, right-click the KAV icon and "Pause protection". Run the same backup and see how long it takes. Then turn the protection back on.

If there's minimal difference in backup times, then don't worry about it. If there is a huge difference, then we can see about pausing real-time scanning during backups.

Of course, times may vary depending on server load at the time of backups.
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