Using a 3rd party web based app with Lotus DWA

Hello all,

I have a windows 2003 Standard server running Lotus Domino 8.02.

This server has a static IP mapped to it allowing users to use DWA to check e-mail while offsite.  The internal address of this server is

We would like to move a "web based" application that is sitting on another computer, (a user's desktop) to the server.  The web based application is only used internally and is run from a link with a command that would look like this:

This little program acts in a way like a web server..

The problem is that the Domino server handles all web requests and is not aware of this other "web server".

The documentation for Cafas explains how to set it up to work with Microsoft IIS, but not with Domino.

That is why I am here, how to I integrate this app with Domino, so that when a user tries to run this program, it works?
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
My suggestion would be to set up an Apache-server on the Domino system. The Apache-server is much easier to configure, it can handle virtual websites and one of the virtual sites can be the Domino server.
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
You can only have one service on port 80. There is a plugin for getting domino and IIS to play nice by having IIS redirect any *.nsf requests over to the domino server. Worst comes to worst you can have IIS running and then tie the cafas and domino into IIS together. Kinda messy but it might work.
georgehullcentreAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions.

I have never used Apache-server so I am not familiar with it.  Are there any setup docs that you could point me too?

We are only using one box for all our sever functions (including financial stuff) and it is not new, so I wonder how much of a resource impact adding either Apache or IIS would have and I hesitate to just experiment on it.

IIS was running on this server at one time, however I removed it because it didn't play nice with DWA.
Of course in the Cafas instructions, there is a method to make it work with IIS, but not one listed for Domino.  From what I recall, the Cafas service could be 'registered' with IIS and then would work fine.

I thought that there might be a way to 'register' the Cafas service with Domino too, without resorting to installing more server software.

Any thoughts on this?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
You might try with Internet Site documents, and set one up for the Cafas service. But if you ask me, right here and now, how to set it up, I don't know, I never tried. But I do know that Apache and Domino together is no problem, I've set it up once on a Linux server. I also installed WAMP on my laptop to run a local Apache server, also no problem.

There's a lot of info available on WAMP, here's just one of the documents I found:

In my experience is the load of the server minimal. WAMP may be too much, because you don't rally need PHP and SQL. It should be possible to configure only Apache, here's a document describing the installation:
georgehullcentreAuthor Commented:
Just cleaning this up.

I left the Cafas server on the winxp machine it was on and abandoned the idea of putting on the win2003 server.

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