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CFML - cflayout and refreshing pages

I would like to auto-refresh a cfml page with a cflayout (tab style) refreshing with the tab open the user was previously on. The cflayout  is generated from a query. Is that possible?

I'm just refreshing the parent window this page is on when they click one of the links:

<a href="searchAdmin/act_recordTracking.cfm?trackingID=#trackingID#&trackingSiteID=#trackingSiteID#&trackingSite=#trackingSite#" onClick="window.location.reload()" target="_blank">
<cflayout type="tab" name="unitTabs">
<cfloop query="qry_getUnits">
     <cflayoutarea name="#trackingUnit#" title="#trackingUnit#" style="height: 400px;">
       <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" id="trackingList">
        	<td colspan="6" class="trackingListHeader">1 column</td>

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1 Solution
your description/explanation of the problem is a bit confusing...

what exactly do you want to do:
a) load different content into the same tab when a user clicks a link inside a tab?
b) automatically refresh currently active tab content (without any user interaction)?

if it's a), then it is as easy as using ajaxlink() cf function in the href attribute of your link:

<a href="#ajaxlink('searchAdmin/act_recordTracking.cfm?trackingID=' & trackingID & '&trackingSiteID=' & trackingSiteID & '&trackingSite=' & trackingSite)#">

if it's b), then it is more complicated...

traportAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry it took me so long to come back here. Yes, I meant a). Sorry I didn't word it clearly but you were very helpful! Thanks!

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