Step by step instructions fro addinng SPF record in SBS 2003 required

I am pulling my hair out trying to add an SPF reccord to my SBS 2003.
I am getting massive ammounts of spam email that has spoofed my email address.
I have SBS 2003 SP2 with a static  public IP address. I use SMTP email that is sent directly to my IP address.
There is no SPF record for my domain name (using microsoft Sender ID Framework SPF Wizzard) but an IP address (I presume my ISPs) is listed in A records. mail servers listed in MX records list my domain and IP address.
In the DNS server on my SBS box there is no external listing for my domain - just the .local domain.
I have tried using creating an SPF record at but what do I do with the txt that it created. Some are saying that it should go in the DNS on my server others say it has to go on the ISPs server.
Help please.
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you need to add SPF to your external dns name not internal dns name , find who is your domain hosting company and ask them to add it or add it yourself .
check this
do a whois lookup on your external domain name to find the domain hosting company or domain registrar . a domain register can be some company such as or network solutions etc
gogsckAuthor Commented:
Hi adiloadilo

BT is my ISP but I host my own mail and the A record  is pointing to my IP address. When I use, the IP address that they automatically list up as my A record is held at MEGANAMESERVERS.COM this is a BT server but is only used for www and ftp.
As far as adding the SPF text file to external DNS, I have no external DNS enties listed in my SBS Server on the DNS server so how do I add the DNS entry?
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ok , if you do not have access to your external dns entries , then you can not add an spf record , SPF records are only added to the external domain name. for example if your email is  then you should add an spf record to domain , this is what all mail servers on the internet see . to know what is you mail server A records you need to do an MX look up , go to this address :
enter your domain name and it will show you the A records of your public email servers . if the a records are not the same as your company domain name , for example you find  instead of , then you should contact the owner of that public domain to modify your spf A records  .
if you just trying to fight spam and email spoofers ,then you should try setting up your IMF filtering on SBS Exchange check this :
IMF really do a great job
if you can afford it and want to get a third party solution then you should try something like :
Postini by google :

Good Luck
gogsckAuthor Commented:
Hi adiloadilo,
I have checked the IMF and that is already setup - I can remeber setting that a few years ago.
I have entered my domain in the MX lookup and the result is and my public static IP address. if i do a DNS lookup i get Type = A , domain name = and IP address =  an other public IP address that belongs to my ISP. But they say they have nothing to do with my mail as it goes directly to my public IP address and skips past them.
I am still not sure what you are calling my extrnal dns enties. Are these entries listed in my dns server in the SBS box or are they on some server in cyber space?
ok , you said that you found  in the mx lookup ?  who controls  ? if you need to add another a record for example, who can do that ?  if you need to change that to point to that public address ?  if you can not do all this tasks on that domain , then you do not have access to that domain and you should contact your isp to properly change your SPF records as they are the only admins who can change settings .

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gogsckAuthor Commented:
I can maage my domain on my ISPs site. It looks like I can add an mx record an a record or antext message. I presume this is where I add the spf txt record.
hhehe finallly , yes that is where you add spf :)  

 add it as txt
gogsckAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help
gogsckAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.
its late here so I will get that sortet out tomorrow morning. Then all I have to do is work out how to do the same thing for another customer that has a totally different configuration.
Thanks again
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