Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Rev 2213

I am using a windows server 2003 and I have Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Rev 2213 installed on this server and I am getting a e0008115 error. This is generated when I put a new disk in and make sure it is online then I run a inventory to make sure It works so I can run my backups at night, however the tape drive is going offline when the inventory is running. I have tried multiple disks and I have the same results. I googled the problem and someone said to do this ,but I am not sure if this will fix my problem, but also how do I know if I have this service pack already? Please help me!
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DornerDiamondsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Figured it out. The drive letter was pointed to the wrong device
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
This a general error.  Try running diag tools that came with the tape drive.  If you have HP it's tapetools or Dell, etc.. they should have something similar.  A lot of times I found that it's a hardware issue such as scsi cable or a bad tape drive.  Run the diag tools and it should point to the issue since we're testing the underlying hardware and not backup exec
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