How to disable dynamic DNS updates on Windows 2003

We have a handful of Windows 2003 machines which are constantly sending Dynamic updates to our Linux DNS servers. We want to disable them.
I have taken the following approach to disabling them but they are still sending updates.
Any Ideas??
1. Click *Start*, click *Run*, type regedit, and then click *OK*.
2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
3. On the *Edit* menu, point to *New*, and then click *DWORD value*.
4. Type DisableDynamicUpdate, and then press ENTER two times.
5. In *Edit DWORD Value*, type 1 in the *Value data* box, and then
click *OK*.
6. Quit Registry Editor.
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Amit BhatnagarConnect With a Mentor Technology Consultant - SecurityCommented:
This should work..Read this article for more info.

How about simply removing the "Register this connection's address in DNS" check box under the TCP\IP properties?

wbokharyAuthor Commented:
The solution didn't work, but, this is what Microsoft recommends.
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