Joomla 1.5.15 : Click refresh for links to work

I have tried to post in Joomla forum but no answer. now I try here

We have a webserver (windows 2003) PHP 4.47 and Mysql5

We are hosting some different Joomla sites
I have some older once using Joomla 1.5.10 and they work perfect

I have now installed a new page using Joomla 1.5.15

The link works in general but when you click around, suddenly links return "page can not be displayed". I cant find the pattern, BUT if i click F5 for refresh the page works.
it seems to be more comun if you re-click on already visited pages

I now have 2 websites using Joomla 1.5.15 and they both does the same.
Its not PC related as i have asked 2 other friends to click around and they have same fault.
They can not replicate the fault on the older Joomla 1.5.10

the 2 sites are on the same server.

can someone try to click around and test?
If you see the fault: any idea where the probem is?
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Maybe there is the bug in joomla conected with referrer header in php codes. But i dond think so. Joomla is the world famous CMS. they must not have the bugs like this. Try googling this:
"joomla load after refresh"
Hmm ive got a sollution. The problem is probably in htaccess. If you have some SEF plugins or components, please disable them in the site configuration
what plugins have you installed that kicked the problem off? try disabling some plugins that you have installed or maybe some components - can you give me a list of what has been installed recently?
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morten444Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply
I disabled System-SEF plugin... no joy
Tried to search on ""joomla load after refresh". found more with same problem but no clear solution.
Some sayd mssing file in "inclulde" folder. I dont have that file they mention even in working sites.
Another one said moving php.ini to root directory and apply some changes. did not work for me

Did not understand what you said about htaccess. Anything else I should look for here?

Regarding what plugin i have installed.
The problem was there when installed from fresh with standard template.

this site is on same server,same plugins using joomla 1.15.10 and has no problem

This is one of the site in despute using joomla 1.15.15 and has the refresh error. same plugins

I dont know where to look.
I was thinking if no solution to downlevel site to 1.15.10. Is that possible so I could check if it is a version issue or something that this version depends on in php.ini that other version did not.
Maybe that makes no sence but i just cant understand the problem

regarding your php.ini file are you running php5?

if so change the name of the php.ini file to php5.ini and see if that makes a difference?
morten444Author Commented:
No I am running php 4.4.7
So is it an option to downgrade to Joomla 1.15.10 and do anyone know how to do that?
morten444Author Commented:
Soulution was to downgrade to Joomla 1.5.11 as there must be some functions in 1.5.15 that does not support default settings in php.ini on PHP4

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